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NHL Six Ticket
-$11.99 U.S.

2000 Grey Cup
Combed Cotton Golf Shirt
-$18.99 U.S.

2000 Grey Cup
Adult T-Shirt
-$10.99 U.S.

Your Credit Card Security
Cupstuff understands that credit card security is of vital importance to our clients. With that in mind, we have entered into a partnership with Worldpay to provide a secure and easy state-of-the-art e-commerce experience for our clients.

Worldpay has been providing e-commerce solutions since 1993 and is a world leader in ensuring your credit card security. The following frequently asked questions will be more helpful in answeriing any e-commerce concerns that you may have.

I am terrified of having my credit card number stolen over the internet. Why should I purchase on-line?

Because the reality is that it is more secure than giving your credit card to your local gas station attendant. With e-commerce the card is always in your hand at all times and with Worldpay, you have both high tech and low tech systems in place to virtually erase the risk of fraud.

What security systems are in place to protect my credit card information?

High Tech Security
The high tech systems begin with Worldpay's Thawte 2048 bit encryption system and a 128 bit SSL encryption level at the browser level.

In English, this is a great system that continually encodes your credit card number with high security so that it is impossible for thieves to intercept. Worldpay, its banking partners and the credit card companies verify each transaction to ensure that the card number is valid, that the card is not stolen and that there are funds available in the account. Each transaction is given a "digital certificate" which is an electronic document that verifies the identity of the cardholder.

Low Tech Security
Each credit card also has a number of security features to ensure your protection. Some credit cards provide (AVS) or Address Verification Service which identifies the user as the owner of the credit card. This information is automatically a part of your credit card information in most First World bank credit cards (such as Visa and Mastercard). Another new security measure is the CVV (Card Verification Value) or CVS (Card Verification Code) present on all American Express, Visa and Mastercard credit cards. This number is either the additional last three digits below the magnetic strip of your card or the additional smaller four digits on the front of your American Express card. Other card security features include "Verified By Visa" (available on some Visa cards) in which a user password is required and Secure Payment Application which is a similar version for some Mastercard client cards.

This excerpt was taken directly from the WorldPay website: http://www.worldpay.com

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